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Domstal Baby Oral Drops Delicious Strawberry is a medication used to treat indigestion, nausea, and vomiting. It works by increasing the movement of food through the stomach and intestines, which helps relieve bloating, fullness, and gastric discomfort. This medicine should be taken half an hour before each meal in the dose and duration advised by your doctor. The dosage you receive will depend on your condition and how well you respond to the medication. You should continue taking this medicine until your doctor tells you to stop.

It's important to inform your doctor about all other medications you are taking as some of them may affect, or be affected by, this medicine. Headache, dry mouth, and stomach pain are the most common side effects of this medicine. Most of these side effects are temporary and usually resolve on their own. However, if you experience any concerning side effects, contact your doctor immediately. This medicine may also cause dizziness, so it's important not to drive or operate heavy machinery until you know how it affects you. Drinking alcohol should be avoided while taking this medicine, as it can worsen the side effects.

In addition, this medicine may cause diarrhea, so it's recommended to drink plenty of fluids while taking it to prevent dehydration. Before taking this medicine, inform your doctor if you have liver or kidney problems, and avoid taking it if you have bleeding ulcers in the stomach. Pregnant women should also consult their doctor before taking this medicine.

Domstal Baby Oral Drops

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