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Alfoo 10mg Tablet PR is used in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, which is a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. The prostate gland is a small gland located below the bladder in men, which surrounds the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder to outside the body). When the prostate gland becomes enlarged, it puts pressure on the urethra, making it difficult to pass urine. This can lead to symptoms like difficulty in starting urine flow, weak urine flow, frequent urination (especially at night), and feeling that the bladder is not completely empty.

Alfoo 10mg Tablet PR works by relaxing the muscles in the prostate and bladder neck, which helps to improve urine flow and relieve symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. It does not shrink the size of the prostate gland.

It is important to take Alfoo 10mg Tablet PR as per the prescription of your doctor. It should be taken with food and at the same time regularly. Swallow the medicine as a whole without crushing or chewing it. Do not stop taking the medicine without consulting the doctor as it may lead to the worsening of your symptoms. The course of treatment should be completed for better efficacy of the medicine.

Some common side effects of this medicine are upper respiratory tract infection, headache, and tiredness. It may also lead to blurry vision or dizziness, so it is advised to avoid driving while on the medication. If any of the side effects persist or bother you, you must consult the doctor without delay.

In addition to taking the medication, simple lifestyle changes can help you manage your symptoms better. Try to urinate as soon as you feel the urge, however, never strain or push to empty your bladder. You should avoid drinking caffeinated or alcoholic drinks at night and a few hours before going to bed or going out.

Before receiving the treatment, inform your doctor if you are on any medication for any other health condition. If you have to undergo eye surgery due to cataracts or glaucoma then inform your eye doctor about the usage of this medicine. Patients with liver or kidney disease must be cautious while receiving the prescription, and they must receive regular follow-ups as per the doctor’s advice.

Alfoo 10mg Tablet

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