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CIDMUS 100mg Tablet is a combination medicine that is used to treat heart failure, a condition in which the heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the body's needs. It works by reducing the workload on the heart and relaxing blood vessels, which improves blood flow and reduces the risk of hospitalization and death due to chronic heart failure. This medicine can be taken with or without food, but it is best to take it at the same time each day. It should be swallowed whole with water.

Your doctor will decide your dose and frequency of taking this medicine depending on your condition and how well you respond to the treatment. It is important to take the medicine regularly and not miss any doses to get the maximum benefit from it. Even if you feel better, do not stop taking the medicine without consulting your doctor.

Common side effects of CIDMUS 100mg Tablet include cough, dizziness, and feeling lightheaded. To reduce the risk of dizziness, it is recommended to get up slowly from a sitting or lying position. If you experience any severe or persistent side effects, inform your doctor immediately. Serious side effects are rare.

It is important to inform your doctor if you are taking any other medicines for blood pressure or heart conditions, or if you have kidney or liver disease. Also, let your doctor know about all the other medications you are using, as they may affect or be affected by this medicine.

CIDMUS 100mg Tablet is not recommended during pregnancy and should only be used if the benefits outweigh the risks. It is also not recommended for breastfeeding women. Consult your doctor before taking this medicine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

CIDMUS 100mg Tablet

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