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Dfx 6mg Tablet is classified within a group of medications known as steroids, which are utilized in the treatment of various diseases and conditions, including inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.

The mechanism of action of Dfx 6mg Tablet involves the inhibition of substances responsible for swelling, or alternatively, altering the functioning of the immune system. It can be consumed either on an empty stomach or after food. Consistent administration of the medication at appropriate intervals enhances its efficacy. It is imperative to adhere to the prescribed regimen until instructed otherwise by your physician.

While using this medication, some common side effects may manifest, such as increased appetite, weight gain, frequent urination, Cushing syndrome, cough, upper respiratory tract infection, abnormal hair growth, obesity, and nasopharyngitis. Should any of these side effects cause discomfort, it is advisable to inform your doctor promptly.

Dfx 6mg Tablet may compromise your ability to combat infections effectively. Therefore, it is crucial to notify your doctor if you exhibit any signs of infection, such as fever or sore throat. Prior to commencing treatment with this medication, it is essential to disclose all other medications you are currently taking. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should seek advice from their healthcare providers before initiating treatment with this medication.

DFX 6 Tablet

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