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Durex Extra Time Condom - Prolonged Pleasure for Ultimate Satisfaction: Description: Long-lasting Experiences Guaranteed: Durex Extra Time is crafted with Performa™ lubricant, ensuring extended pleasure by naturally delaying climax. Key Benefit: Prolonged Sexual Activity for Enhanced Satisfaction: The special Performa lubricant, enriched with benzocaine, facilitates lasting longer, turning every intimate moment into a deeply satisfying experience. Features: Turn Every Race into a Marathon: The formula is designed to help individuals and couples enjoy extended and fulfilling intimacy, transforming each encounter into a marathon of pleasure. Special Performa Lubricant with Benzocaine: The inclusion of benzocaine in the Performa lubricant contributes to the prolongation of sexual activity, enhancing overall satisfaction. Straight-Walled Design: The straight-walled design offers a comfortable fit, ensuring a secure yet pleasurable experience for both partners. Easy-On Shape: The Easy-On shape simplifies the application process, allowing for quick and hassle-free use. Discreet Delivery for Your Privacy: Durex understands the importance of privacy. Our discreet delivery ensures that the contents of the parcel remain confidential, known only to you. No external markings or branding will reveal what's inside. In essence, Durex Extra Time is not just a condom; it's a commitment to prolonged pleasure and satisfaction. With its unique features and discreet delivery, it aims to enhance your intimate experiences while respecting your privacy.

Durex Extra Time Condom

₹269.00 Regular Price
₹236.72Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Prescription Not Required
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