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Durex Invisible Super Ultra Thin Condom - Unmatched Sensation, Uncompromised Safety: Description: Thinnest Condoms in the World: Durex Invisible stands out as the thinnest condoms globally, providing safety without sacrificing pleasure. Key Benefit: Ultra-Thin Experience for Maximum Sensitivity: Immerse yourself in an unparalleled level of sensitivity. Durex Invisible offers an extra-thin design, ensuring a heightened experience without compromising protection. Features: Uncompromised Protection: Despite its ultra-thin nature, Durex Invisible prioritizes safety, delivering reliable protection during intimate moments. Intense Pleasure and Unreal Satisfaction: Elevate your pleasure to new heights with Durex Invisible, where intense pleasure meets unreal satisfaction. Straight-Walled Design: The straight-walled design ensures a comfortable and secure fit, enhancing the overall experience for both partners. Discreet Delivery for Your Privacy: Your privacy matters. Durex guarantees discreet delivery, meaning no one else will know what's inside the package except you. Our packaging is void of external markings or branding to maintain confidentiality. In summary, Durex Invisible goes beyond being ultra-thin; it's a commitment to delivering an unmatched level of sensitivity, intense pleasure, and uncompromised protection. The discreet delivery further ensures that your intimate choices remain private and personal.

Durex Invisible Super Ultra Thin Condom

₹269.00 Regular Price
₹236.72Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
Color: NA
  • Prescription Not Required
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