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Esperal Tablet is a medication that is used to help individuals overcome alcohol addiction. When taken along with counseling and support, it produces unpleasant effects that discourage the patient from consuming alcohol. These effects include nausea, flushing of the face, and headaches. It is important to follow the doctor's instructions and not miss any doses, as abruptly stopping the medication can lead to harmful effects. This medicine should be taken with or without food.

It is crucial to avoid all forms of alcohol, including beer, wine, aftershave lotions, mouthwash, vinegar, and liquid medications while taking Esperal Tablet. The medication can cause some common side effects such as headaches, fatigue, drowsiness, and a metallic taste. Initially, it may also cause dizziness and sleepiness, so patients should avoid driving or operating machinery until they know how this medicine affects them.

It is important to note that Esperal Tablet should be taken in combination with a counseling program to maintain abstinence from alcohol. It takes time, support, willpower, and determination to break the habit of drinking, and the medication can be helpful in achieving this goal.

Esperal Tablet

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