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Lacrimos 0.5% Eye Drop is a prescription medicine that provides relief from the symptoms of dry eyes. Here are some points to enhance clarity on its use:

  • Dry Eyes: Lacrimos 0.5% Eye Drop is specifically used to treat dry eyes, a condition where the eyes do not produce enough tears or the tears evaporate too quickly. It helps lubricate the eyes and maintain their moisture, providing temporary relief from burning and discomfort associated with dry eyes.

  • Redness and Swelling: In addition to relieving dryness, Lacrimos 0.5% Eye Drop also reduces redness and swelling of the eye. It has mild anti-inflammatory properties that help alleviate these symptoms.

  • Usage and Dosage: Lacrimos 0.5% Eye Drop should be used only in the affected eye(s). It is important to follow the prescribed dose and duration recommended by your doctor or as instructed on the label. Read the label carefully before using the medicine to understand the specific instructions.

  • Hand Hygiene: Before using Lacrimos 0.5% Eye Drop, wash your hands thoroughly to maintain proper hygiene and prevent any contamination of the medication.

  • Proper Dosage: Use the eye drop in the exact dose as prescribed by your doctor or as mentioned on the label. Avoid using too much or too little of the eye drop.

  • Possible Side Effects: Lacrimos 0.5% Eye Drop may cause temporary side effects such as a burning sensation, stinging, or irritation at the application site. These effects are usually temporary and resolve with time. However, if these symptoms persist or worsen, inform your doctor.

  • Accidental Contact: If the eye drop accidentally comes into contact with your ears, nose, or mouth, immediately rinse the affected area with water.

  • Allergy and Medication Interaction: Inform your doctor if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients in Lacrimos 0.5% Eye Drop or if you are taking any other medications. This information will help your doctor assess the safety and suitability of the eye drop for you.

  • Driving and Machinery Operation: It is advised not to drive or operate heavy machinery immediately after using Lacrimos 0.5% Eye Drop. The eye drop may cause temporary blurring of vision, which can affect your ability to perform such tasks. Wait until your vision clears before engaging in activities that require visual focus.

Remember, Lacrimos 0.5% Eye Drop is a prescription medicine, so consult your doctor for appropriate dosage, usage, and any specific instructions tailored to your condition.

Lacrimos 0.5% Eye Drop

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₹84.00Sale Price
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  • Prescription Required
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