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Naturolax A Powder Tasty is a powdered formulation containing natural Isabgol husk, renowned for its efficacy in relieving constipation. It serves as a natural fiber supplement, aiding in promoting regular bowel movements. Additionally, it is known to have cholesterol-lowering properties.

This product is also beneficial for various health conditions, including liver enlargement, anaemia, hyperacidity, and hepatitis. It contains key ingredients such as Isabgol fiber, Nimbukamlam, Svarjikshara, Kashni, along with excipients.

  • Isabgol Fiber: The primary ingredient, Isabgol husk, provides natural fiber, facilitating bowel movements and relieving constipation effectively.

  • Nimbukamlam: This component may provide additional therapeutic benefits, possibly contributing to overall digestive health.

  • Svarjikshara: Svarjikshara is known to aid in digestion and may help alleviate symptoms of hyperacidity.

  • Kashni: Kashni is believed to have hepatoprotective properties, potentially supporting liver health and functioning.

In summary, Naturolax-A Powder Tasty offers a natural and effective solution for constipation relief, while also potentially providing benefits for cholesterol reduction and various health conditions such as liver enlargement, anaemia, hyperacidity, and hepatitis.

Naturolax A

₹240.00 Regular Price
₹228.00Sale Price
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Color: NA
  • Prescription Not Required

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