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To use New Firm Cervical Collar Adj Hight effectively and for better understanding, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Conditions to use the neck support for:

    • Neck injury
    • Cervical spine fracture
    • Post-trauma immobilization
    • Head injury
    • Burns
    • Torticollis
    • Post-operative care
    • Other conditions causing instability and discomfort in the neck requiring firm support.
  • Scientific and ergonomic design for firm support:

    • The neck support is anatomically designed with chin support to stabilize the neck and immobilize the cervical spine effectively.
    • The two-piece design allows for adjusting the height of the collar according to the patient's needs and comfort.
    • Strong PP (polypropylene) plastic offers firm support, preventing flexion, extension, and rotation of the cervical spine.
    • Padded edges of the PP plastic enhance comfort and avoid sharp edges from biting into the skin.
    • Vents are provided for air circulation to improve breathability and comfort.
    • This neck collar provides firm support and immobilization, making it especially suitable for treatment related to C1 and C2 cervical vertebrae.
  • Long-lasting, skin-friendly, and breathable material:

    • The neck support is made from high-grade, non-toxic, and waterproof PP plastic material, improving its durability and making it heat-resistant.
    • Soft and sturdy paddings cover the edges of the support, enhancing comfort during wear.

Instructions for wearing the neck support:

  • Adjust the height of the collar as per patient requirement:

    • Before putting on the neck support, adjust the height of the collar to the appropriate level that provides adequate support and immobilization.
    • The two-piece design allows for easy height adjustment as needed.
  • Place the chin on the chin support:

    • Position your chin on the designated chin support area of the collar. This helps stabilize the neck and maintain proper alignment.
  • Wrap the collar around the neck:

    • Carefully wrap the collar around your neck, ensuring it covers the affected area or the area of discomfort.
  • Fasten the collar with hook and loop straps at the back of the neck for a snug fit:

    • Securely fasten the collar at the back of your neck using the hook and loop (usually velcro) straps to achieve a snug and comfortable fit.
    • Avoid fastening the collar too tight, as it may cause discomfort or restrict blood circulation.

Additional tips for better understanding:

  • The neck support is designed to provide firm support and immobilization for various neck-related conditions, injuries, and post-operative care.
  • The use of high-grade, non-toxic, and waterproof PP plastic improves the durability and heat resistance of the support.
  • The padded edges offer additional comfort and prevent any sharp edges from causing discomfort or irritation to the skin.
  • The vents allow for better air circulation, ensuring breathability during wear.

Always follow the height adjustment and wearing instructions provided by a qualified healthcare professional to ensure the neck support is used effectively and safely. It's essential to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice and guidance on using the neck support for your specific condition or injury.


New Firm Cervical Collar Adj Hight

₹525.00 Regular Price
₹441.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
Color: Peach
  • Prescription Not Required

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