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The Pelvic Traction Kit is designed to provide traction to the lumbar and pelvic region, offering relief and support for various conditions. To use it for maximum benefit and safety, follow these step-by-step instructions: Put it on for the following conditions: Vertebral fractures Prolapsed intervertebral disc Sciatica Chronic low back pain Positioning the belt for traction: The pelvic traction belt is wrapped around the pelvic region, ensuring a secure fit and proper placement. It should be positioned comfortably over the targeted area of the lower back and pelvic region. The traction straps of the belt are suspended below the pelvic region, hanging freely for the traction process. Attaching to the Pelvic Traction Spreader Bar: The rings located on the traction straps of the belt are attached to the Pelvic Traction Spreader Bar. This bar acts as a connector between the belt and the weight bag. Connecting to the weight bag and rope-pulley system: The Pelvic Traction Belt is then connected to a weight bag using a rope and pulley system, allowing for the application of traction. The weight used for traction is determined by a qualified doctor based on your specific condition and needs. Traction treatment under supervision: It is crucial to perform the traction treatment under the supervision of a qualified doctor or healthcare professional. They will determine the appropriate weight and duration of the traction based on your condition and response to treatment. The healthcare professional will guide you through the process and ensure proper adjustments and safety measures are taken during the traction treatment. Important points for better understanding: Pelvic traction aims to provide uniform longitudinal traction to the lumbar and sacroiliac region, which helps to relieve pressure from the spine and alleviate pain. The traction process can be useful for aligning fractures of the spine and supporting the immobilization of the affected area. The belt is scientifically designed to offer optimal support and stability during the traction process. It's essential to strictly follow the instructions provided by your healthcare professional and not attempt pelvic traction without proper guidance. The traction treatment should be performed with caution, and the weight and duration must be carefully monitored to prevent any potential adverse effects. Remember to consult with a qualified healthcare professional to determine if pelvic traction is suitable for your condition and to ensure proper use and safety during the treatment process.


Pelvic Traction Kit

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