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Stolin Gum Astringent is a liquid gum paint utilized for the treatment of diverse gum issues, including bleeding and spongy gums, gingivitis, Vincent's disease (trench mouth), and other gum diseases. This astringent solution is a blend of three active ingredients: tannic acid, zinc chloride, and cetrimide.

Tannic acid exhibits an astringent effect, causing the contraction or tightening of body tissues, including gum tissue. Meanwhile, zinc chloride and cetrimide serve as antiseptic agents, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi in the oral cavity.

In summary, Stolin Gum Astringent is specifically designed to address various gum problems by employing the astringent properties of tannic acid to contract gum tissue, complemented by the antiseptic actions of zinc chloride and cetrimide to prevent microbial growth in the mouth.

Stolin Gum Astringent

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