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Volini Maxx is India's first pain relief spray with 2% Diclofenac. This Gold Standard molecule ensures relief from moderate to severe neck pain, so you can bounce back instantly. Volini Maxx contains counter irritants that will take care of your back pain and give you instant relief.


Application Areas:

  • Forehead
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Legs 
  • Knees


  • Diclofenac Diethylamine
  • Methyl Salicylate
  • Menthol


How to Use

Shake well before each use. Spray the contents from 5 cm distance on the affected areas 3-4 times in a day or, as directed by the physician.

Volini Spray 60gm

₹190.00 Regular Price
₹176.70Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
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